Maggie Moore, The Transparent Coach, has been a huge asset to the growth of my glassblowing business. Maggie very quickly and accurately assessed my strengths and the areas of my business that need help and improvement.


I have always been someone who could meet deadlines, but struggled with what those deadlines should realistically be. Maggie got right down to that and set up long-term and short-term goals. I always had to stretch a little to meet those deadlines, but I did with Maggie’s support.


I have enjoyed so much about working with Maggie. Her availability and encouragement, whether it was by phone, text, email for face-to-face meetings. I could count on a quick response to whatever my current question or challenge.


I now have a thorough, thought-out approach to my business and I have seen the results. She has helped me create new income streams, design and implement marketing strategies and enhance product development.  In fact, I was just chosen as the sole recipient for a Maine Marketing Grant. A grant I wouldn’t have even applied for if I hadn’t been working with Maggie.


So do yourself a favor. Work with Maggie Moore, The Transparent Coach.  

I was a teacher for almost 20 years before I made the leap to becoming a full-time potter. We would constantly have outside experts come in to train and coach our teachers to make them better and more effective at what they do. Big corporations contract free-lancers all the time to strategize and brainstorm with them, and then follow-through with accountability. Why can’t creatives? Why can’t makers? Why shouldn’t you? I look at working with Maggie as an investment in my business. I am an expert at what I do, which is making my pottery. I am however, not an expert at business goal setting or marketing, and a bunch of other things that are essential to making my brand grow.


Before working with Maggie I was unsure of how to proceed with the future of my pottery business. I knew how to make it good, but didn’t know how to make it the most amazing and fantastic entity that it is now. I am so stinkin proud of myself! 


If you are in doubt as to whether you can afford to work with Maggie, ask yourself these questions: Are you working at your full potential? Have you tapped the most creative part of your self? If not, I encourage you to try. Maggie will challenge you and make your work hard. But, you’re used to that, right? We are makers, and we know what hard work is. This work is a little different, but it is also fun and inspiring. When you spend money on your business with the intention of greatness, it will flow back to you like a tidal wave. 

Maggie has helped me integrate my brand into every aspect of my business.  Her approach and energy has allowed me to make quick and effective upgrades that express the message I've been attempting to convey for four years now.  Not a quick fix- I now have tools in place that will allow me to continue to grow the studio. 


Thank you for providing me the opportunity for insight and a way to convey the studio and all it stands for.  For giving me the perspective I needed!

Maggie Moore helped me with my branding this year. She aided me in designing my new catalogue and wouldn’t be satisfied until my propaganda said exactly what I needed it to say. She guided me through a Photoshop demonstration during one of our phone consultations which helped elivate my images to the next level.


I was overworking the same tired copy I’d used for years, and she made me throw it all out and start over until I was thinking about my business in a whole new way and believing anything was possible.


“You’re better than this, " she said. And she was right.


Maggie dragged my best work out of me. It’s a special skill. 

Loving life in Midcoast Maine


phone: 207.899.5939

email: maggie@thetransparentcoach.com

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