Surviving the Scarcity of Spring with Soul Inspiring Self Care

Winter Might be Bleak, But Spring Can Be the Worst!


People sometimes talk about "surviving winter" here in Maine. They scrounge up savings from their hard earned year to get them through the lean months of snow covered days and slower paced living. Many use this time to reboot, recover and prepare for the busy days of summer selling. Others have been slaving after the holidays with the mad rush to call in new clients or claim their place in the wholesale market during the darkest days of the year.


Any way you play it, you can sense the itch of spring start to creep into your person by late February. When our furry friend Phil sees his shadow and predicts an extended stay of cold, it is impossible not to long for the warmer days ahead full of sunshine, social events, financial gains and sales galore.


For business owners and makers alike, early spring can be painfully slow. If you are a wholesaler, the promise of payment will likely happen when the leaner months are over. And don't get me started on booth fees. If you are lucky to get juried into your favorite shows, the demand of booth fees can come 6-10 months early of the event which adds another financial drain on an already dried up account!


It's April and now comes the painful time of paying taxes, hopefully eking out an IRA contribution and managing to breathe easy while you wait for your financial picture to shift. I discussed the importance of looking at your "GROSS" for the year to track the abundance in your life in my last blog, but how can you feel abundant NOW? 


Time to Feed YOUR SOUL!


Our surroundings, experiences and entire external world can shift if we turned our frowns upside down and allow an attitude shift to build from within. You might be off your exercise regimen and missing your needed dose of daily serotonin or waiting for the days that you can dig up some dirt and send the kids outside to play. Social time might be at an all time low as shoveling out one more time sounds like too much work and a cozy cup of coffee and a Netflix binge-fest is calling you. No more excuse PLEASE!

This year, my dear friends and I, headed down to the Peabody Essex Museum to find inspiration in Georgia O'Keefe's traveling exhibit and other amazing works like Anila Quayyum Agha’s sculpture pictured in the image above. Taking the time to get out of my own head (let alone the house), commiting to a trip with some of incredibly talented and insightful commarades and opening myself up to possibility would have never happened if I stayed huddled in my home.


Worrying about show rejections, the growing number of galleries closing and the overall financial forecast was definitely not going to put a spring in my step, help me design a new line of jewelry or feel jazzed to write a blog post about thriving in today's world!


​I  pushed myself so far out of my strict fiscal boundaries that I took my love on take a mini-vacation to Florida this February. Boy did that FEED MY SOUL. No lie, I had not had a real vacation for over 15 years that didn't include a family visit or most likely work. (Hence why I am a month behind in my blog. Sorry about that, but I needed it.)

The funny thing is that my life is in complete flux and I don't care anymore. My lovely assistant moved on to other challenges, my coaching business continues to evolve while I navigate the ever-changing waters of making jewelry without much of a promise of a major payout anytime soon.

Here is the key...


I did it anyways (thanks Anita for the push). Delays with weather and changes in plans made this tiny window that my journey to the sunny south fit in like a glove...oh did I mention I didn't need to wear gloves for 5 days....HEAVEN! I came home rested, ready to prepare for my first big show, and newly inspired to get back to work.


You know what else happened?


The mystery of not knowing how I will fair this year is starting to lose its icy critical crust and expose a bright center of hope. The smile on my face that lingered for weeks after my inspiring museum trip and Florida dose of Vitamin D led me to desire being social, make new connections, land some fabulous new clients and shrug off all of the negative inner talk that seems to gather in the quiet days of winter.


I remembered how abundant I already am, how grateful I am for all the goodness I have created with my talents and that there is so much more of me to share!


So shake off the snow with me and start getting a move on if you haven't already. If you have had a few false starts and things aren't working out at the moment, give yourself a moment to complain and then find a friend and go somewhere to get giddy. 














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