Where to Go When You Get Stuck


One of the most common questions I get as a coach is "what do you do when you get stuck?" This feeling might be linked to a lack of creative juices flowing, anxiety around not being good enough, or being overwhelmed with the amount of work you have in front of you without any break in sight.

Overwhelmed but HAPPY

If you are overwhelmed by your tasks, but your enthusiasm is still intact, then a simple restructuring of your time can do the trick. I am a big fan of making lists and creating accountability calendars. The satisfaction of crossing off a plethora of tasks at the end of the day can help you feel accomplished.


Keeping deadlines written on a calendar could motivate you to make sure you are on track. IF you fail those deadlines, consider the parameters in which you created the project end date and make sure you are not asking too much of yourself. Slow down and adjust your expectations. If the lack of hitting your deadlines stems from daily distractions and your tendency to procrastinate, consider ways to reorganize your time. Avoid jumping on social media when you get antsy. Try taking a deep breath every time you want to escape your task, state your frustration out into the open and then get back to it!


Overwhelmed and NOT SO HAPPY

If you find you are consistently unable to stay motivated, whether your plate is too full, too empty or just right, you could be letting your inner critic take up too much space in your brain. As an extrovert, I tend to lean outward and contact a friend to download my feelings so that I can return to being productive. Another incredibly effective way for me to re-center is to exercise. Whether that means a quick yoga routine, a swift walk around the neighborhood or blasting your tunes and letting loose, shifting your body inside and out can do wonders to give you some new brain space and peace of mind. Mindful Meditation is always an amazing option for a reset, but I find when my brain is working overtime at sabotaging my mojo, movement is key!


NEED to Talk?

Who do you call when you need of a cheerleading session? I believe it is vital to not always depend on ourselves or our closest loved ones to handle the brunt of our emotions. The dynamic between partners can sometimes lead to conflict because they do not want to you to suffer and try to solve your problems. This isn't always helpful when you are really looking for validation; it can add stress to your relationships and not give you that boost you need.


I suggest making an agreement with a few friends that you can "dump" your emotional "grumpys" on them when needed and their only responsibility back is to simply say "I hear you" or "I am here for you". Validation is key! Ahhhh I feel calmer already!


Find a podcast or TedTalk about motivation or creativity. Breath in some inspiration with some of your favorite go-to gurus. I am a big fan of Pema Chodron, Eckhart Tolle and Louise Hay for some spiritual uplifting reminders. I recently discovered Mastin Kipp; he is young, fascinating and speak about finding purpose. Like all of these gurus, there are things I love and things that don't resonate with me. So I take what I want and leave the rest


Stay in Touch

Let me know if these tips were helpful. I have more to give but wanted to throw out a few options for you in a time of need. Cheers! Maggie



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