Taking a Moment to Breathe In the "Gross"

January 24, 2018

It's tax time!

Well, actually the official due date is a few months away, but I am sure most of you have had to endure the painful project of reviewing your year's earnings to make sure you can make it through winter and start to forecast your future in 2018. For those who have not even peeked at your numbers from last year, maybe this newsletter will inspire you to do the work and soak in your awesomeness.

Reinventing your relationship with the word "Gross"

So it's all about the bottom line when you get down to it. You have to be able to make a living with your craft. After all of your business and life expenses are chopped out of your yearly earnings, you are left to ponder your net worth This could possibly be a depressing task.


You need to make sure to hit the poverty line so that you can keep your health insurance, pay your bills and honestly hold on to your sanity. IF by chance you have an incredible year of growth, there is a mad scramble to spend those funds so that the government doesn't just end up taking all of your hard-earned profits for themselves.


Reviewing your "net" worth can feel like you are actually putting a number on your entire worth as a maker and person. I would like to infuse a new way to reflect on your financial earnings. Let's focus on the "Gross"!


What's "Gross"got to do with it?

My first reaction when hearing the word "Gross" is just that....GROSS! However, if we refocus our energy on the power behind that poorly chosen description of your financial accomplishments, then we can start to see what a wonderful word it truly is.


Whatever you make, create and sell, YOU made that gross number happen. You sold $40,000 of handmade glassware or $15,000 of beautiful ceramics. THAT is a LOT of phyisical manifested creative work that the world has responded to and said "I MUST HAVE THIS"!


And what did that abundance allow you to manifest last year? Were you able to put delicious food on the table, pay your bills on time, make time for your family, meet amazing patrons and friends through your travels as a maker? If you took the time and wrote down everything you accomplished through the year, you might be surprised at how much you were able to contribute to your wellbeing, your business, your family and your community.


For those you hold a 9-5 job, you get your weekly paycheck and distribute funds as needed. Everything from your gas to your coffee would come from that source. YOU have the power to make money from the comfort of your own studio, maybe in your pajamas! You might wear a lots of hats and your creative business money is only a part of your overall abundance. STILL, you are making money from your vision. 


The "Gross"Challenge

So I challenge you to take an hour at the end of your day in the next few weeks or maybe closer to tax time depending on your winter schedule and really look at all of the glorious efforts your GROSS sales has created in your life. Just this moment of adjusting your thinking from lack to abundance can not only fuel you through the dark nights of January, but validate that you are doing something quite amazing. You are making your mark on the world.



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