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Being transparent is an essential part of my soul, so I am going share a bit of my own personal story to let you in on where I am and where I have been for the past year. I am hoping it might resonate with some of you and remind you of your gifts!

Happily Remarried with...

Mary K Spencer of The Potter's House contacted me a few months ago about wanting to share her story with all of you. I was beyond delighted to connect and we met for a meal and wonderful conversation about her ceramics business and incredible personal journey.

“I know y...

Who do you call when you are in need of a cheerleading session? I believe it is vital to not always depend on ourselves or our closest loved ones to handle the brunt of our emotions. The dynamic between partners can sometimes lead to conflict because they do not want t...

Shake off the snow with me and start getting a move on if you haven't already. If you have had a few false starts and things aren't working out at the moment, give yourself a moment to complain and then find a friend and go somewhere to get giddy.

January 24, 2018

And what did that abundance allow you to manifest last year? Were you able to put delicious food on the table, pay your bills on time, make time for your family, meet amazing patrons and friends through your travels as a maker? If you took the time and wrote down every...

March 1, 2017

Imagine Yourself as a Craftsperson…

You decide to roll the dice and apply to a Chicago outdoor craft show in the blistering heat of summer with the hopes that this event will equal the awesomeness of last year’s Midwest circuit (which, by the way, blew your mind with it...

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